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Work With Me

One On One Health Coaching 

With expertise in client-empowering communication,  I align with your self-determined goals and help you co-create your wellness plan. I become an alley and constant source of support in your journey to better health.

I can help you achieve healthy habits in areas like:

  • Improving nutrition for you and your family

  • Those wishing to prevent or reduce the suffering and costs of chronic conditions, including pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity

  • Managing stress 

  • Students that want to acquire health-sustaining tools while living away from home

  • Work-life balance

  • Improving sleep

  • Overall energy

  • And much more

I offer coaching services to clients across all age profiles

What is Health Coaching ? 

Design Your Wellness Plan

This is where we identify your "WHY" for wanting to live a healthier life!

I will deliver personalized one-on-one attention and help you develop a wellness plan based on your specific needs and goals. Your plan is designed to make small sustainable changes that we will identify together as your "next steps" between sessions; these changes take time to learn and master to form a new lifestyle habit. During each session, we will focus on your progress and celebrate your success along the way! It takes consistency and time to change behavior and get comfortable working through some potential plateaus, as research states that fast work makes for unsustainable change. 

Health and wellness coaching is a process that helps you gain self-motivation and inspires change through goal setting and creating a wellness plan based on your values. 

Through the process, you will improve overall well-being and develop sustainable habits to live and healthy and happy life. 

How it Works & Pricing


Coaching Sessions

I offer three and six-month programs where we will meet once or twice a month depending on the duration of the program.  We can meet either in person, by phone, or on-line. I also offer micro-coaching sessions on an hourly basis if you have a goal of only needing supplement suggestions and regime, a market tour, or to go over bloodwork results so you can be prepared to ask your physician questions pertaining to it. Contact me to discuss further.

My fee is $75 per hour. If you sign up for the three or six-month program each program package will be discounted 10% if you purchase the entire package upfront, otherwise, I am happy to invoice each individual session as we have them.

Some of my clients are referred to me by their physician, and I work in collaboration with him/her. I offer "house-calls" to those specific clients where I will come to your home for our sessions. House calls are $95 per hour.

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