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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This is one of my most prized professional relationships. Dr. Lapan and I go way back; I first met him when I was a Cardiovascular Specialty Consultant and called on him with Type 2 Diabetes and Blood Pressure medications. Today, we have formed a beneficial working relationship where he refers patients to me with specific health goals. Dr. Lapan is a Board-Certified Cardiologist, the founding physician of the largest Cardiologist Group in Pima County, Pima Heart, currently sees patients at Northwest Heart & Vascular, and is a community philanthropist that oversees foundations that serve children's education. From our first meeting (in 2001), I was so impressed with Dr. Lapan's holistic approach to medicine. He educated his patients on the underlying causes of their health issues and how to address it by making lifestyle modifications to their daily routine. Dr. Lapan was at the forefront of Health Coaching before it was a thing! Today, Dr. Lapan refers patients to me that have the goals of preventing or reducing the suffering and costs of chronic conditions, including pre-diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, are looking to improve nutrition, and manage stress. I've helped his patients reach their goals by assisting them in making small sustainable changes in nutrition, sleep, stress management, and movement that form a new lifestyle habit with implementation over time.

Client highlight:

Larry is the first client Dr. Lapan referred to me; he had the goal(s) of becoming a vegan to support his cardiovascular health to eventually come off meds and wanted to implement stress-manage techniques into his daily life. Going on almost two-years later of working with Larry, he is the picture of great health and epitomizes what steady work and commitment can do for your mental and physical well-being. He not only attained his original goals but works on numerous other ways to improve his health. Larry is so inspiring, and I often use his wellness journey as an example when speaking with new clients. He lives the lifestyle motto:

It's never too early or too late to improve your well-being!

We all need some form of compassionate accountability when we are trying to form new health habits and implement them into our real life. The more people you have there to support you, and help you along the way, the better chance you will have at attaining the health you desire. I've seen first hand when you work closely with someone the empowering feeling they get, knowing that their health is truly up to them and they can absolutely make a difference in their life!

In good health and happiness,

Amanda Saffer

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