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On Flora Farms- San Jose del Cabo, Baja

Back to Nature

My daughter and I went on the Medicinal Plant Identification Walk through Flora Farms outside of San Jose del Cabo in Baja, Sur.

It was an informative walk focused on the botanical, nutritional, and medicinal properties of the plants on the farm and Baja's desert. We learned about ancient remedies and diet the indigenous people of this area used to survive.⁣

We started the tour with a cup of lemongrass tea and got to know our incredible guide, Leopoldo Alejandro, and activities coordinator, Danielle Roel. Leopoldo is an Herbalist and Holistic practitioner who has dedicated more than 10 years to studying plants and recovering their nutritional and medicinal properties. He shared his knowledge and passion for plants as healing, therapeutic tools.

Here are some of the herbs I found applicable to everyday life:

Lemongrass- it's the only aromatic (fragrant or sweet-scented) grass. It is good for stomach problems and intestinal gas. It helps balance pH in the stomach and is known to reduce inflammation throughout the body. It also boosts metabolism. It can be found in tea. 

Pomegranate- in-season throughout the Fall and into Spring, it is considered one of the most medicinal and sacred plants. The leaves, bark, and fruit are all edible. Pomegranate fruit helps regenerate the blood and is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects. 

Parsley- is known for being a useful detox herb that helps with UTIs and kidney stones. It improves the immune system, is anti-inflammatory, and flavorful when added to green juices or your favorite dishes as a garnish.

After our walk and fascinating conversation on eating for mental health, food combining, and ways to incorporate more produce into our daily diet, we had a beautiful meal on the patio; I had a Nicoise salad with fresh ahi tuna and vegetables from the garden. Then we went shopping in the outdoor produce market where I picked up some nopals to add to salads, limes for sparkling water, and mini eggplants for my husband's favorite veggie pasta dish.

It was such a beautiful and empowering outing that helped me feel back in touch with nature. It also encouraged me to remember all the ways nature can support your mental and physical wellness and that the best medicine is virtually free: sunshine, real whole foods, grounding, breath-work, connection with loved one, and like-minded people that lift you up, and of course, laughter. All these things support us in managing stress and keep our body and mental well-being resilient. ⁣

For more information on this beautiful outing:

Or plan a trip to the farm. San Jose del Cabo is one of my most favorite places on earth. It's one of the few cities I have visited where there are numerous organic farms/markets, and the restaurants we frequent are all farm-to-table. The people are so gracious and kind, and the ocean and breeze make you feel rejuvenated and truly alive.

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