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Conscious Teenagers Creating Well-Being

Over the past couple of years, I have had the privilege of working with some smart, cool, and conscientious teenagers. Each teenage client has come to me with different health and wellness goals. Still, the underlying theme has always been finding the best way to support overall well-being to have the energy and optimism to balance school, jobs, studying, and having a healthy social life. I'm going to highlight my very first two clients. I cannot tell you how amazed I am by these girls; not only were they clear and specific with how they wanted to support their health, but they already knew so much about what it was going to take and were extremely motivated. With their awesome mothers/family's support, we had so much fun putting together their individualized wellness plans.

Fresh out of nutrition school, I was hired by Megan and her mom. Megan was starting the second semester of her senior year in high school and was beginning to think about leaving for college and what living away from home would look and feel like for her. Her goals were to learn how to make healthy snacks and meals and how to support her mental well-being when dealing with college courses and life demands. We met monthly until she left for college, and we had a blast. During the eight months before she left for college, we cooked and went grocery store shopping together; we went over how to read nutritional labels (hello added sugar grams) and found the best food options for her to support her pescetarian diet. We found stress-management techniques that worked best for her to support mood and energy. We covered a plethora of information she wanted to know more about, and remain close to this day- three years later. I love hearing about all the incredible things she is learning and doing as an honors student at USD.

"I’m extremely grateful to have embarked on my college experience with Amanda at my side. After working with her for the past three years, her relationship as a health-coach has developed into a lifelong mentor, timeless advice-giver, and genuine friendship. Amanda emphasizes nutrition through a holistic approach. She focuses on how a healthy lifestyle makes you feel. While working with nutritionists, many just emphasize weight loss. While working with Amanda, I’ve taken her healthy tips and adapted them into my lifestyle to feel whole and healthy over time. Not only have I gotten lean, but most importantly, healthy, energized, and well-rested! Especially in college where weight gain can be common, the “freshman fifteen,” Amanda’s tips helped me combat this struggle and feel great year-round. Amanda even created a personalized book for me, a “Guide to a Healthy College Girl.” This holistic eating/living guide is something I read every month, and the advice has proven to be extremely effective. Before leaving for college, Amanda also took me for a grocery store run to teach me how to read nutritional labels and find healthy alternatives. The advice she’s given me will last a lifetime! As a pescatarian, Amanda has helped make sure I’m eating enough of the right foods and getting the correct amount of protein in my diet. Her personalized supplement suggestions, collagen peptides, and matcha green-tea are now daily routines for me. I continue to start each day with her yummy ASW smoothie recipe." ~ Megan N.

Next was Juli; Juli and her mom hired me because Juli was diagnosed with a gluten allergy and wanted to find healthier alternatives to some of her favorite foods and find nourishing foods to feel healthier, stronger, and sustain energy levels. We also discussed self-care and the importance for her to find the time for it. Because Juli and was in college in another city, we did facetime sessions and then a grocery store tour when she returned home on a break. The grocery store tour was essential to zero in on gluten-free foods that she would enjoy eating and discuss which options were better and more appealing to her. I am so happy to see Juli thriving, glowing (you can see it in this photo), and truly enjoying her college experience.

"My name is Juli and I am a third year student at Arizona State University, Barrett Honors College. As a Nursing student, we’re taught the importance of balance in which we care for not only our physical self but our mental and spiritual being. Yet, this isn’t always easy! There are nights full of studying and preparing for exams that can sprout a greater level of stress. Working with Mrs. Amanda Saffer, however, has provided me with a guide to ensuring that I take care of myself while I study how to take care of others in the future! Today, I am a huge advocate for self care. I’ve incorporated yoga and meditation into my weekly routine adding extra sessions when I have exams coming up! As far as my nutrition goes, meal prepping has been a huge help!! I’m constantly on the go between class, clinicals, and work. Meal prepping has allowed me to still enjoy yummy and nutrient-dense foods! The key notion I've realized is that living a life of wellness is not difficult as long as you’ve customized it to your lifestyle!"

My heart sings for these girls, and I am so fortunate to have worked with them. I have learned so much from each student client over the years, and am so impressed that they are starting to create their wellness plan now to set themselves up for great health into adulthood.

I recently compiled a guide of the top common goals my teenage clients have had over the years. It is available on my website and includes a 45-minute coaching call to go over the info and zero in on the areas where your student would like more support. The practical, easy-to-implement guide addresses nutrition, healthy snack options to make in the dorm/apt, the importance and steps to achieve the best quality sleep, self-care methods, stress management techniques, and how to create a healthy living space. The guide contains health-supporting information that will sustain your student through college life and into the real world. It's a valuable resource they can keep with them, print out, refer to when needed, and tweak to make their own.

I am also available for one-on-one coaching sessions to cover these topics more in-depth and expand on your student's self-determined goals.

I am here if you have any questions! / 520-331-8092

In good health,

Amanda Saffer

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