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ASW Smoothie

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Ready In: 5 minutes

Yields: 16 ounces

Cooking Time: blend until smooth

Rule of thumb for a smoothie: 20 grams of protein 10 grams of fiber Good fat options: nut butter or MCT oil or avocado

Add the greens: spinach or microgreens


●  1 cups of your favorite milk (unsweetened vanilla almond is our fave)

●  1/4 cup frozen berries (we usually use a mix of blue, black and raspberry = low glycemic)

●  1/2- 1 banana (frozen if you'd like a smoother consistency)

●  1-2 scoops (based on serving sugg) of the protein of your choice (we use collagen peptides)

●  1 TBSP of chia seeds

●  1 TBSP of hemp seeds

●  A handful of microgreens or spinach

●  1 TBSP of nut butter (unsweetened, raw, no oils added)

●  1 TSP of green tea matcha (optional)

●  1/4 cup ice (optional)

●  A little water or additional almond milk to thin out (if needed)


1. Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend on medium-high for around a minute or until happy with the consistency.

2. The recipe is easy to double if you are feeding more people.


The go-to smoothie to get you moving in your day. It is the perfect mixture of fat, fiber, greens, and protein to keep you satiated and satisfied for hours. Not to mention the number of superfoods and antioxidants in this smoothie may help to increase immune function and cognition!

No additional sweeteners are needed if you use a protein that has stevia or monk fruit, but you could add some stevia or honey, just watch your fructose, as the sweetness from the banana and berries are the perfect amount that will help keep this smoothie lower glycemic. The spinach/microgreens and matcha green tea are unidentifiable, making it an ideal meal for children.

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