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What MY Clients say

I began my wellness journey with Amanda over eighteen months ago. I am a 25-year migraine sufferer and was looking for ways to manage the headaches with a more holistic approach. Amanda has a kind and thoughtful approach to wellness. She treats every client with sincere warmth and offers immaculate personal attention to health details, lifestyle, and overall wellness goals. Her method is informed and concise, without being cumbersome or overwhelming. By making small dietary “tweaks” and adding in additional good fats to my morning “smoothie” my once laborious morning routine became replaced by solid, sustained energy levels. My overall diet has a greater emphasis on greens, healthy fats, and good proteins. It has offered me a more satiated fullness and just a total improvement to my physical health and wellbeing.

A careful combination of supplements – more magnesium please! – have reduced my often weekly headaches down to once every 6-8 weeks! A truly welcome and quite frankly astonishing improvement given my long history of living with migraine disease.

Amanda composes a personalized plan that is tailored for every client’s lifestyle and offers nurturing guidance as small goals are achieved along the way. Wellness is a journey. It is success earned and supported through many small steps and at times, big strides. Amanda serves as your personal guide along the way, and there is no one I would rather have supporting me on this journey. Whether you are looking for a total lifestyle makeover, supplement education, or a nutritional “re-set,” Amanda Saffer Wellness is the absolute best and necessary first step!


- Shannon N. 

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